Today is the Day


We started Baby on medication for her ADHD today. It is a big step. For me. I am pretty anti-drugs… even the helpful kinds. Given my childhood, it makes sense that I would have misgivings about doing my daughter up with any sort of medication.

Logical always wins out over emotions though, and it was pretty obvious that it was needed. I waited to start the meds so that I would be around her all day. That way I could monitor her side effects and be there in case the worst happened. Not that I was expecting the worst… merely preparing for it.

Baby did an amazing job taking her pill. I explained to her how to best take a pill and had a glass of water ready. I made sure that she had a large breakfast before taking it, because one of the common side effects is a loss of appetite.

Within about an hour I could notice a difference in her. She had more volume control. She was still active and wanting to play with Brother, so that was a good sign, but she wasn’t yelling, screaming, or otherwise making incessant noise. She still fought with Brother too, but I guess there is no pill to cure sibling rivalry.

I sat Kid down and explained some of the side effects we could see out of her, and told him that she may have no appetite. That way, if I was more lenient towards her at mealtimes, he knew why.

By the time we went to church, about two hours after the medication was given we noticed no adverse side effects. In fact, besides her volume control we could barely tell any difference in her. Until we got to church. She sat… for the pretty much the whole thing. There was no getting up and wandering around. I didn’t have to talk to her about behaving herself once. We had one slight incident when she declared that her tummy hurt so bad because she was hungry. This was a good sign. Not that she was in pain but that she was hungry. However, I didn’t plan for this and so had no snacks to provide her. She left to go to the bathroom to pout about that.

When we finally were able to get some snacks, I anticipated a couple bites of a cupcake, and maybe a carrot before she said she couldn’t eat anymore. Not only did she eat more than I even hoped for, but she even went back for seconds. I was quite pleased to see her eating.

Now, I have both Kid and Baby sitting, nicely, while watching television. It has been  5 hours since the medication was first administered and I still have not noticed a headache, tummy ache, loss of appetite, or even dry mouth in her.

The real test will be tomorrow when she goes to school.


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