Day 7

Day 7

Today marks a week that Baby has been on her medication, and no one is dead yet!

Having her take her medicine and give me a high five has just become part of our normal everyday morning routine. Things are going okay. Apparently she has made leaps and bounds in school. She is able to sit and stay focused on her work, except when she doesn’t want to… and for Baby,  that can be often. But according to the teacher, a simple reminder to sit down is more effective now than it ever has been.

She has also been accident-free for the majority of the week. One whole week, and we have only had one accident! This is one symptom that I am not very open about, mainly because Baby is embarrassed about it. Even though she is potty trained, and has been for years, we go through moments where she regresses. And the regression moments far outweigh the other times. I spent many a day frustrated with finding her dirty, stinky laundry hiding in the corner of her room. Many times, hiding my face in shame when I got yet another call from the school saying she needed more clothes. The only solace I found was finding out that this was a symptom of ADHD… yet another clue that she does in fact have it.

The school is still throwing around the ODD label though. I agreed to have her coded as a 42 (which, in school terms means she is severely behaviourally challenged) only so that the school would have success in obtaining funding for her to get an aid. However, I do not believe in my heart that my daughter has Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Yes, there are times that she will dig in her heels and refuse to do something the teacher has asked… what kid DOESN’T do that? Baby is a sweet, compassionate young girl who WANTS to make people happy. She is just strong-willed… which, to be honest, comes as no surprise given who her Mama and Brother are. This will is strong in this family.

I have come to terms with the ADHD label being attached to my daughter. I refuse to allow her to grow up thinking that she has ODD as well. We, as a team, will just have to learn behaviour modification techniques to deal with someone who has a strong-will. That is one thing that I do not want to see disappear in her.


2 thoughts on “Day 7

  1. That is one thing that I do not want to see disappear in her.
    Our experiences are different, but this is one thing I feel with my son as well: I don’t want him to “grow out of” his strong will. My own has served me well through the years. I do hope my son continues down his current path, which is having that strong will be tempered with communication and compassion. It took me a much longer time to balance strong will with other useful traits, so I’m glad to see these things coexisting within him already. All will be a benefit to him and those he loves as he makes his way through life, even if some feel inconvenienced by them.

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