The Black Hole

It never fails to happen. I go to drop Kid and Baby off of school, or pick them up for an appointment and I end up trapped in the hallways, unable to leave. Even in the mornings, its “Mommy, can you stay for the singing of Oh Canada?” or, “Can you help me carry my homework into the class?” Then once I’m in, I am forever prisoner of the hallways of the elementary school.

And let me tell, you there are worse places to be imprisoned. The entire staff is amazingly wonderful, which is part of the problem. Even if I can escape from one of the classrooms, I end up running into another teacher and we get talking for five, ten, fifteen minutes. Then I remember something that I had to tell the secretary and I end up in the principal’s office gabbing away for half an hour. You know you spend a lot of time there when the principal asks if you have received your own parking stall yet.

I end up walking out, my face sore from laughing and overcome with love and joy. Too many times I hear of stories where a child with ADHD is outcasted, and typecasted by the staff of the school. Too many times I am told that a child’s school is unsupportive in the journey that we as parents of ADHD children undergo. And every time I have to stop and say a silent prayer for the staff in my children’s school.

I have been known to grab a cup of coffee and sit in the staff room where I do my homework. I find it good time management, especially if I have to be around to pick the kids up within an hour for lunch, appointments, or just for home-time. I enjoy wandering the hallways of the school because I pick up on things. Not only certain techniques that are being used for my kids, but on things that the school is doing as a community. This provides me more of an opportunity to get involved.

I have said it before, and I made sure to say it to THEM, this journey that I am on with Baby would have been so much harder to deal with had I not had the support of the principal, counsellor, social worker, teachers and school psychologist. I am thankful, each and every day for every person in that school, even those that do not deal with my children on a day-to-day basis. I have had one special needs teacher take my children, both of them, under her wing. She provides them with “fidgets” and makes a point of checking in with them at least once a day using her 1,2,3,4,5 scale to evaluate their moods.

Kids teacher, knowing that I am have had this journey with Kids younger sister has taken it upon herself to watch out for him, and to let me know if he has had a particularly sensitive day so I can follow up with him at home. More often than not, Kid and Baby are quite shocked to find out how involved I actually am in their school life, as I do it mostly behind the scenes.

So, it is with pride and love that I declare that my children’s school is a black hole. One that once I enter, I do not leave.



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