Me and Baby have had a roller coaster of a day. She woke up in a good mood, for the most part, but then when I dropped her off at school she didn’t want to leave the car. I ended up getting two EAs to come out and try to persuade her to come to the classroom.

Meanwhile, it was Sports Day at their school, and I had graciously decided to volunteer. However, because Babys class had more than enough volunteers, I decided to go to Kids class to help. This did not really go over all too well with Baby. While I went to check on her periodically throughout the day, and she had her EA with her, she still had a pretty rough day that left her rather clingy. Thank goodness it was only a half-day.

Afterwards, Kid went to a friends house so I took Baby out for lunch. That was a mistake. Her attitude took a swan dive as soon as we got to the restaurant. I didn’t know if I should leave, or stay and try to get food in her stomach. Seeing as how she is already down three pounds in as many months, I opted for the latter. Once getting food in her, she seemed to improve immensely, but the afternoon was far from over.

Over the course of the next 3 hours we went from happy to mad to sad to defiant to tired to sick to sleeping in the car. The mood swings were enough to make anyone dizzy.

But then I thought about all the other horror stories that I hear from other parents of ADHDers. Some stories where their kids are violent, aggressive, and even abusive. Stories where parents get a breather maybe once in a blue moon. Where EVERY day is a day from hell. And I realized that at Babys WORST she is still BETTER than some of these kids at their BEST. That made me really thankful. Yes we have rough days, but to be honest they are so few and far between. Yes she has mood swings, but the biggest issue I have is that she is clingy which makes sending her to school more difficult. She has never been abusive, or mean. She has never hit me.

She has, however, told me that I am ruining her life…. but I feel that way too when I am sent to clean my room.

Yup. I really am blessed to have such amazing children. ❤


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