Side Effects of Motherhood

Baby has been on her medication for almost 4 months now. While I have been blessed with the fact that the first medication we tried has provided us with relief from her ADHD symptoms, it is also causing her appetite to be suppressed. I can usually coax her to eat at home, but I am not there at school during lunch hours and I am noticing, with increasing frequency, that she is bringing her lunches home.

This has caused my six year old daughter to lose weight. She is down approximately 5lbs in 4 months. Now, to an adult that doesn’t seem like a lot. In fact we all probably wish we could lose that much weight. :p but to a six year old that’s a lot. I took Baby to swimming lessons today and she came out of the stall in her bikini, with her ribs clearly visible.

I watch her with all her energy jumping around in the pool and it takes great effort not to cry. I feel like i have failed as a mom
But then again, she has energy. She isn’t unhealthy. And as soon as I noticed the weight loss, meal replacements were purchased so she could have an after school snack. High protein bars were brought to the school so she could have one as needed. Porridge has replaced cereal. Homongenized milk has replaced our 2%. I am increasing her calories where I can. And I have to realize that it took us 4 months to lose the weight…. She won’t put it back on over night.

Until then I keep repeating to myself “I will not worry, I will not worry, I will not worry.


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