Symptom Alleviation

The other day I stated just how tired I was dealing with Baby and her symptoms while un-medicated.
I have never liked giving my daughter a stimulant, but I must admit that I noticed the medication alleviate a lot of her symptoms.
Unfortunately, I do not want my daughter on medication for the rest of her life, and so we are taking a summer long break. I have decided that “something’s gotta give”
I cannot keep my sanity and continue doing my Mom Duties while teaching her to manage her symptoms without medication.
So, while we are taking the break I have decided to try some other methods that are supposed to help the symptomology of ADHD.
The first of which, might be easier to ‘test’ then the other option. I am going to cut out dairy out of her diet to see if that helps with her symptoms. ADHD symptoms have been known to be triggered by a food sensitivity, dairy being a primary culprit. Another culprit could also be wheat. Therefore if her symptoms do not lessen with a dairy-free diet for 2 weeks, then I can try a wheat free diet for the next couple weeks.
Cutting out food can sometimes be easier than adding in supplements, but sometimes it is not a food sensitivity that causes the symptoms. Sometimes it is a nutrient deficit. Therefore my final option will be to include an omega-3 capsule in place of her stimulant medication. We know now that we can remember to take a pill every morning; so why not have that pill be a nutrient instead of a stimulant.
Also, because I am an academic at heart, I will likely try all three of these options even if I find that the first one works. This way, I can build up an arsenal of tips and tools as Baby grows and develops.


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