Crochet-Along update

Awhile ago I wrote about a crochet-along that I was partaking in.  I also promised update photos.

But, with many of my projects that I do, I put it to the back burner as it was just taking up too much time, and I had other pressing matters to attend to. Then, when I finally did pick it up again, I forgot to write a post on it.


IMG_20140425_100728 IMG_20140425_100737

My kitty Boo loved sitting on it as I watched it grow. Unfortunately, I was working in the round and kept having to move her, but that didn’t stop her from relaxing in content in the few moments she could get.
IMG_20140504_215054 IMG_20140504_215120 IMG_20140504_215218

I have to be honest though, when I first started watching it grow I was not happy with my colour choices… but then they started growing on me 🙂

Looking back now though, I wish I had done my granny squares in alternating colours instead of all the same. It has been pointed out that it looks like the Tardis from Dr. Who.

Elena over at Beatrice Ryan designs incorporated many wonderful stitches, my favourite being the twisted double crochet.
My least favourite being the puff stitch. I have never liked that stitch so for my blanket I spaced out the puffs more than what the pattern calls for but I don’t think ti takes away from the overall aesthetics of my afghan.

I also changed the border a bit. Instead of doing the crab stitch, which I cannot do for the life of me, I did a simple sc for 3 rows, trc for one and sc for another 3. I felt it didn’t take give too much for the eye to look at, and it allowed the blanket to have its own unique textures with the variety of stitches that were used.

I thought for sure that Boo would have adopted it, but it somehow ended up in Kids bedroom with the other two blankets I made for him.



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