Treatment Update

The other day I had the great idea of trying natural ways to treat Baby’s ADHD. You can read about it here. After discussing with my husband, we would try the hardest one first.

No Dairy

I sat Baby down and told her what were thinking of doing, and why. I told her what that meant. No more milk at dinnertime. No more cheese on her sandwiches. No yogurt, or anything else that contains dairy. I explained that it was only temporary, and she seemed like she was willing to work with us.

I knew though, that it was going to take work and effort. I just didn’t think I would fail on the first day.

Baby at 7:30 in the morning: Mommy, I drank the rest of the milk.

Mom: What?

Baby: well, cuz you said I can’t have milk at dinner. I got rid of it.

Okay. I can’t argue that logic. I didn’t exactly SPECIFY the time, nor was I monitoring breakfast time. Twenty minutes later I am inspecting lunches. Baby? Does this sandwich have cheese on it?
Baby: Yup!
Mom: And is this yogurt in your bag?
Baby: Yup!

… well she already had milk today, no sense starting today.

Tuesday looked pretty much the same way, so by this point I decided to give up on this goal…. Perhaps the fish oil might be an easier natural treatment to try?


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