#584 – The First Summer You Fell in Love.

642 Things

It was like being blind all my life, walking in a world of perpetual darkness but not knowing anything else.  My world was tiny with no color or sound or taste but it was comfortable.  Then, there was light as blinding as the darkness but it was something new and exciting and frightening.  A world of possibilities appeared before me through this foreign sensation, showing me things that I could only dream about.

Like the breaking of dawn, it cast out the shadows that filled my heart and soul, pushing it back.  I felt torn between exploring this strange place or retreating back into the safety and solitude of the night.  At first, I balked at the idea of love and tried to deny it but the light had already pierced through me like a spear.  I was drawn to it, even from the deepest parts of the blackness.


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