“Do you want to go to British Columbia today?”

That’s how my adventure started. It didn’t seem like such a weird question. I mean I live only a two hour drive from the Alberta-BC border. We could do a day trip to BC and back.

So I packed up Baby and myself and awaited for my friend to come pick us up. Kid decided to stay back with Husband.

We got in the car and immediately asked “where are we going?”
“I dont know. Let’s just go!”


Deal! Besides food for Baby and I, this trip didn’t cost me much.Β  And we had a wonderful time, going to a lake, chasing ducks and enjoying the time away from home.


AND! Since I wasn’t driving I was able to make some considerable progress on the chevron blanket I was working on. πŸ™‚


Now its time to go back to reality…


4 thoughts on “Spontaneity

  1. Ha. I’ve never actually been that far East. But the thought of living by a Great Lake fills me with much joy. πŸ™‚
    BC was beautiful and then we stopped at Frank Slide on our way back. The deadliest rock slide of Canadian History

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