#542 – Write About What You’ll be Worrying About…

“Where is the cat now?” -definitely a laugh out loud type of post!

642 Things

…in five years from now.  Ten years from now.  Thirty years from now.

Once upon a time, I had little worries.  It was a fairly carefree life so long as I had my rent paid, bills caught up, and food in kitchen.  A simple time where my only concern was which video game would I buy first.

Now, my worry is about kids.  What are they up to?  Where are they going?  How much is this going to cost me this time?  Who stole what?  Where did they put the cat?  Who hit who for with what for what reason?  Where did they put that?  Why did they put this here?  Why can’t the do this?  Why is the cat in there?  When is it bedtime?  Who is that kid?  Where’s the cat this time?

Now I trick myself into thinking that it’ll get better with age.  I know this…

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