Joys of Raising Children

I wake up in the morning. I check my agenda to determine what obligations I have for the day, and where I need to go, and what I have to get Kid and Baby ready for. I slowly clamour out of bed, wishing I hadn’t been up since 5:00a.m. As I am pulling on a shirt, I hear Kid exclaim excitedly

“OH, COOOL! Baby, come look! … Don’t let Mama see”

In a moment I had a series of thoughts run through my head. What are they doing that they shouldn’t? Are they making a mess? Are they getting into trouble? No… wait. His tone of voice made it seem like he was looking at something. Something that he did NOT cause. Something that would have happen in the natural world…..

And in that instant, I was filled with an extreme amount of dread. I knew exactly what he was looking at. I jump over my bed, and hide in the corner, as far away from his room that I could get
“Kill it! KILL IT!!!” I scream.

“…. Oh-kay Mama.” I could hear the sadness in the voice as I demanded he get rid of the spider he so desperately wanted to show his sister.


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