About Me

Welcome one, welcome all!

I like to blog. Sometimes I might even do it regularly. If I disappear for awhile, don’t worry! I’ll be back.

You can check out my creative writing side here.  A challenge that my husband and I do together to stimulate creativity. I lasted a fraction of the time that he did…. he is still going, and you can find a link to his writing here. I promise! You wont’ be disappointed 🙂

I am a mom, a wife, and a student, and I love to crochet! I met Husband for the first time when I was 13. It only took 12 years but we finally realized that we were meant for each other. By this time I already had 2 kids and had been juggling single parenthood for a few years. Kid is 8 and he is wise beyond his years. He is the pride half of my pride and joy equation. Baby is 6 and she is a happy and loving Princess. Unless she gets pissed off. Then her wrath usually lands her grounded to her room. I ain’t gonna tolerate no princesses in my home! :P  Even though she is already in Grade 1, she is, and forever will be my Baby. She was diagnosed with ADHD in February of 2014.

Along with our three cats, Boo, Princess, and Lady Mouse McFluffington (or Mouse for short) , that is my family.

As for me? I am a fourth year psychology student working hard to complete my degree in time to enrol in a 24 month Social Work program for Fall of 2014 I applied. I was denied. My goal is to help and counsel people. In order to keep my sanity in my crazy world I grab a hook and get lost in my crochet.

So if you want an eclectic variety of things to read about,  come join me! I will write from everything, including parenting, crocheting, student life Job hunting, and the joys and challenges of trying to raise an ADHD child while juggling everything else I have going on 🙂


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