Let me Out!

I am registered in my very last class of my Psych degree. It is a summer class, which is hard in and of itself because I would much rather be outside.
Its also hard because its only twice a week; leaving 3 days a week to do nothing at all. That’s not true. That leaves 3 days a week to do my homework. But I find that if I have that much time to kill, I procrastinate even more.  When I have five classes squished into my schedule, plus all of the appointments, I am able to manage my time even more.

I have only one week left of classes.  I was walking to class this morning and I thought to myself I am so done.

In two weeks I will be eligible to apply for my Psych degree, but I just want to be done with it. I do not want to go to the remaining classes. I do not want to do my homework. I don’t want to study for my final exam. I have gone to school for two years – straight through. I have not taken any time off in the summer like most students do. Nope, that’s not like me. I feel I am getting burnt out.

I don’t know if this feeling is coming because I am so close to being done, or if it is because I really am burnt out. Either way, I wish it would go away so that I can finish my two assignments and get my final exam out of the way.


#542 – Write About What You’ll be Worrying About…

“Where is the cat now?” -definitely a laugh out loud type of post!

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…in five years from now.  Ten years from now.  Thirty years from now.

Once upon a time, I had little worries.  It was a fairly carefree life so long as I had my rent paid, bills caught up, and food in kitchen.  A simple time where my only concern was which video game would I buy first.

Now, my worry is about kids.  What are they up to?  Where are they going?  How much is this going to cost me this time?  Who stole what?  Where did they put the cat?  Who hit who for with what for what reason?  Where did they put that?  Why did they put this here?  Why can’t the do this?  Why is the cat in there?  When is it bedtime?  Who is that kid?  Where’s the cat this time?

Now I trick myself into thinking that it’ll get better with age.  I know this…

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“Do you want to go to British Columbia today?”

That’s how my adventure started. It didn’t seem like such a weird question. I mean I live only a two hour drive from the Alberta-BC border. We could do a day trip to BC and back.

So I packed up Baby and myself and awaited for my friend to come pick us up. Kid decided to stay back with Husband.

We got in the car and immediately asked “where are we going?”
“I dont know. Let’s just go!”


Deal! Besides food for Baby and I, this trip didn’t cost me much.  And we had a wonderful time, going to a lake, chasing ducks and enjoying the time away from home.


AND! Since I wasn’t driving I was able to make some considerable progress on the chevron blanket I was working on. 🙂


Now its time to go back to reality…

#584 – The First Summer You Fell in Love.

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It was like being blind all my life, walking in a world of perpetual darkness but not knowing anything else.  My world was tiny with no color or sound or taste but it was comfortable.  Then, there was light as blinding as the darkness but it was something new and exciting and frightening.  A world of possibilities appeared before me through this foreign sensation, showing me things that I could only dream about.

Like the breaking of dawn, it cast out the shadows that filled my heart and soul, pushing it back.  I felt torn between exploring this strange place or retreating back into the safety and solitude of the night.  At first, I balked at the idea of love and tried to deny it but the light had already pierced through me like a spear.  I was drawn to it, even from the deepest parts of the blackness.


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In the Life of a Mom

I have five week of kittens, and I love to sit and watch them learn, explore and play.
Today I was watching my favourite one, Miss Lady Mouse Mcfluffington.


She was the only one by MamaP, the other kittens abducted by my children to be their own personal playthings.
I watched as MamaP lay sleeping and Mouse attacked her tail chomping, biting and licking.

MamaP didn’t move. She didn’t even flinch. I thought to myself cats can sleep through anything.

But then, I realized its more of a Mom thing.
I don’t know how many times I have awoke at 6am to Baby jumping on me, or brushing my hair. To Kid asking me if he can watch television; grunting my permission on a Saturday morning.

I’ve broken up fights, delegated chores, and ensured they kidlets ate breakfast all while barely opening my eyes in the wee hours of the morning when the even the sun won’t wake up.

So yes, sleeping through a kitten playing with her tail is yet just another example of how Moms can multitask while catching up on some missed beauty sleep.